Requirements and Installation


  • Django 2.2+

Additionally, if you would like to use country based restrictions you will need:

  • pycountry

  • MaxMind geoip2 libraries as described in the Django documentation. Links below.


You can pip install from PyPI:

pip install django-iprestrict-redux

The country based lookups are optional, if you need it you can install them with:

pip install django-iprestrict-redux[geoip]

Note: if you’re not using the country based lookups you will have to set the IPRESTRICT_GEOIP_ENABLED setting to False in your See: IPRESTRICT_GEOIP_ENABLED.


For development create a virtualenv, activate it and then:

pip install -e .[geoip,dev]

To run the tests against the python and Django in your virtualenv:


To run the tests against all combinations of python 2, python 3, and supported Django versions:


This will also run flake8.